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Stage Strategy for Every Customer

Andra PR is a Bahrain-based public relations and corporate communications boutique firm with a primary focus on financial technology, educational technology, startups and other specialized governmental sectors.

Our approach starts from creating a connection and starting a journey with your brand so that it becomes a catalyst for change. We go beyond the norm and understand that each vision needs visionaries that genuinely believe in what your idea can do.

Work with a passionate team

Work with our professional team that has years of experience and passion for what do

Engage the community

Create unique campaigns that bring value to the community and attract new customers

Build key relationships

We will help build relationships with key stakeholders and groups in the industry

Do things differently

Explore new out of the box ideas to position yourself in the industry

More conversations
More stories
More conversions


We Create
A future Journey Map with you

CSR Development

Corporate Communications

Content Development for Press Materials

Create engaging content that brings value

Our team will work with you to create a series of smart and strategic content that will position your brand as an industry leader.

Team of Professionals

Fatema Ebrahim

Founder & CEO

Joelle </br>Almaz

Head of Content

Alexandra Laszlo

Account Manager

Faisal Mansour

Business Development Manager

Hasan Othman

Public Relations Executive

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