Andra Public Relations hosts several events and partners with regional and global platforms to share engaging content, in depth insights and showcases startups and companies in MENA.

FinTech Series

The FinTech Series is Andra PR’s initiative. The monthly events focus on various fintech innovations and themes that will shape different industries and sectors within the region. This includes a special focus on developments in RegTech, money transfer blockchain, and more.
FinTech Series 1st Edition
FinTech Series 1st Edition
The FinTech Series First Edition​ was officially launched in partnership with Capital Club and Innervate Technology Solutions UK.
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FinTech Series 2nd Edition
The 2nd FinTech Series explored the topics of AI, RPA, and machine learning impacts on the financial sector in Bahrain and the region.
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3rd fintech.
FinTech Series 3rd Edition
Andra Public Relations hosted a specialised FinTech workshop for Al Salam Bank’s 13th batch of summer interns.
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4th fintech_
FinTech Series 4th Edition
Aion Digital & Daon to discussed crucial topics on Digital Onboarding, FinTech challenges within the GCC region.
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FinTech Series 5th Edition
The 5th edition of the FinTech Series focuses on academic opportunities within the FinTech sector.
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FinTech Series 6th Edition
Focused on the importance of Employee Financial Wellness and its importance for businesses especially amidst Covid-19
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FinTech Series 7th Edition
The 7th Virtual FinTech series hosted by Andra Public Relations on February 24th was titled as “EdTech: The next wave".
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FinTech Series 8th Edition
The 8th Edition shed light on the acceleration of Financial and FinTech inclusion during the pandemic.
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FinTech Series 9th Edition
Andra Public Relations aims to raise public awareness of SMEs' contribution to sustainable development
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Future of FinTech by Laffaz

The Fintech space has witnessed huge growth in the MENA region both in 2019 and in the first half of 2020. Even in times of COVID-19, Fintech domain topped in terms of the number of VC funding deals happening across the MENA region. The event will discuss crucial topics centered on the emergence and acceleration of concepts like: Buy Now, Pay Later; Digital Lending; e-Wallets; Point-Of-Sale enablers, Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) and more.
Future of FinTech in MENA
The event was focused on crucial topics centred on the emergence and acceleration of the Fintech space in the MENA region.
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